Find yourself a comfortable place to soak in

Who does not want to spend some time in solace when we have had a hectic day at work or just a few moments of me-time? Is a conservatory a perfect place for any such activity?The glassed terrace encapsulates scenic beauty by using a conservatory for dining purposes, a comfortable seating lounge, or a corner to enjoy a day with nature. A comfortable is a necessary corner in many European homes.

Where to find the right architects?

The conervatory construction in Columbia, SC,is your destination reached.  In old times, building a conservatory was an incredible option for those who wanted to extend their homes, but the main problem with the build was constant leakage; shoddyPVCu structures made it too cold in winters, too hot in summers, and prone to drips and condensation. But in our company, we have found the solution to all the existing problems. Opaque glass ensures better ventilation, a good view, and intelligent heating to maintain the correct temperature inside.

How to begin with us

Visit our website and register for the process. Our engineers will visit your construction site and confirm the location upon successful registration. Our engineers will help you decide the size, material, and type of conservatory that suit your location. We also provide a quotation of the cost of construction upon request.Generally, the cost of a conservatory will vary from 30,000 pounds plus the additional cost of uPVC or oak frame, whatever is being used to provide the support.

Which direction and location to select?

The south-facing conservatory is considered the best as it will receive the most sunlight, but it may cause concern in summers, leading to over-heating. Therefore, we advise using some shading material in the front to avoid excessive sunlight ruining the beauty of the place.

Which type of conservatory will best suit my home?

Generally, there are two types of a conservatory built, Victorian style and lean-to conservatory. The Victorian type of conservatory features a ridged roof and multi-faced walls that open up a panoramic view of the gardens.

Whereas the lean-to-conservatoryconnects to the longest side of the house, viz a pitched roof. Depending upon the corner, P, L, T, and U shapes of the conservatory are also standard.

The not-so-common type- of oak frame conservatory originated in Italy to house tropical plants and fruits. The showpiece is the glorious multi-glazed roof lantern that projects to draw in natural light from the building. It can sit on a mansard or flat roof.

The choice of construction can be made upon the affordability and area available for construction.