waterproof flooring in Little Rock, AR

100% waterproof vinyl flooring? Yes, it is possible!

The vinyl floor is the result of years and years of research and construction of what are the skills to create a product that is long-lasting, comfortable, and that contains all the features that make it, to date, one of the best products on the marketĀ waterproof flooring in Little Rock, AR

Dreaming of renovating a floor is something that each of us has tried in his life. Looking for the right floor that has a wood, stone, ceramic effect seems very difficult but it is not really that much. Vinyl floors are for you.

Easy to install. Practical. Suitable for the wettest areas of the house.

They are well known because they faithfully reproduce the appearance of wood and numerous other materials such as stone, ceramic, metal.

This allows you to create different geometric shapes during installation and to give that touch of design that must never be missing.

Vinyl floors offer numerous advantages and among these the most requested are:

Quick and easy to renovate floor

Easy installation and do it yourself

100% recyclable

Easy to clean

Long maintenance over time

Resistant and waterproof

Among these features, the one that strikes at first glance is the high impermeability and resistance.

It absorbs water easily enough to say goodbye to the humidity problems that affect:

Private bathrooms , bars, restaurants, hotel rooms, waiting rooms


The right combination of technology and interlocking system prevents water from irreparably damaging the floor. These two aspects make the vinyl floor easy to clean but above all suitable for rooms subject to these problems.

The planks are thinner and despite this it may seem synonymous with weakness and lack of resistance of the product, the reality is very different because it is not only resistant to wear but also to accidental spills of liquids or tonic leaks of water.

You can safely take a warm and relaxing bath without having to be afraid of leaking water. In winter, children will be able to take off their wet and snow-covered shoes at home without being afraid of damaging the floor.

It is a floor that will collect all the moisture without problems, remaining shiny and intact like the first time.

Factors that make homes, homes, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms ever more elegant, modern and successful.

We can therefore say that vinyl floors have earned the first place among the most waterproof and resistant compared to the “great classics” on the subject.